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Who knew?

Daughter Erynn’s performance in the 2018 pole dance competition!

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A suggestion for Facebook

OK–I’ll get off of my Facebook rant after this one, at least until the next time I’m provoked. I have a suggestion that might actually improve things. As Jeron Lanier and others have pointed out, the problem with Facebook is … Continue reading

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A social media suggestion

Every “share this” meme you see on Facebook is put there by someone with an agenda. In some cases the agenda is commercial (more clicks = more money). In some cases it’s political. In some cases it’s trolls trying to … Continue reading

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So, I just learned how to make a YouTube playlist!

I’ve started to save music performance videos that I like. You’re welcome to follow this link to my playlist! Turn on your good computer speakers, click shuffle play, and enjoy, if you like this kind of thing. I’ll be adding … Continue reading

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Ok–one more music video

Apparently I’m on a tear this evening. Here’s virtuoso bassist Marcus Miller with his band, playing “Papa was a Rolling Stone.” Nina and I saw Miller playing with Miles Davis during his Tutu period, at the Paramount in Seattle–must be … Continue reading

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Ahmad Jamal!

So, while I’m thinking about it, on my recent visit to San Francisco, my friend and mentor, Dean Elias, got tickets to hear Ahmad Jamal at, it turned out, Symphony Hall. It was a fabulous delight–Jamal played this very tune … Continue reading

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I was watching music performance videos last night, as I do, and came across this NPR Tiny Desk Concert featuring this amazing performer, Thundercat! I’d never heard of him before, and it took me a little while to realize that … Continue reading

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