So, what is this nonsense?

You’ve stumbled upon my website,  I was finally encouraged to set this up when Google decided they would use everything that’s posted on their sites to target their marketing at us.  So, thanks to Google, I’ve started to migrate away from most of their services!

So, what is “liminal” anyway?  It’s a not very often-used term that has to do with the experience of transition from that which was and that which can be.  Matt Cheeseman from the University of Sheffield sent a copy of his dissertation for me to read, and his use of the term “liminal space” to describe the experience of undergraduates has stayed with me.

Unfortunately, “liminal” and “liminality” and “liminalspace” and “liminalplace” were already claimed, but it occurred to me that the entire world is a place of liminality, so I picked as the domain name.

Here’s a link to an interesting discussion of liminality:

So, this is an expression of my liminal journey, and if you want to contribute your thoughts, it can be part of  yours too. Thanks for dropping in!

–Bob Petrulis

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