Deregulation and innovation in higher education

Here’s an article in today’s (7/31/18) Inside Higher Ed about Education Secretary DeVos’s push to deregulate and innovate in higher education. I’m pretty sure that deregulating for-profit education is a bad idea which has already failed spectacularly and repeatedly. But encouraging accrediting bodies to focus on quality and results rather than compliance with federal rules could certainly result in good things.

I have to admit that I was really disappointed by Arne Duncan’s tenure at Education during the Obama administration. A major missed opportunity to bring support back to public schools and a positive vision to higher education. I’m still disappointed that Linda Darling-Hammond was not made Secretary of Education in 2008. Race to the Top and Common Core really sidetracked what could have been a period of forward-looking innovation.

So, while I think the current administration’s push for deregulation deserves very skeptical scrutiny, there might also be some significant opportunities for creative and positive change.



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